The Real Hebrews

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many different theories there are in regards to what happened to the lost tribes of Israel. The so-called Negro has been in America longer than any other minority except the so-called Indians, who are the true founders or this land, yet he is in the lowest state of all, not because of his incapability to learn and succeed, as few have despite the adversities, but because of this curse which has come upon him by Yahweh.

Dr. Chisanga Siame in his journal article katunkumene and the ancient Egypt in Africa, 2013”, stated that, It is interesting also to observe the clan prefix Hi-m Hiram is mainly found among the Bantonga of Zambian and Banyarwanda. The fact is that the true Hebrew Israelites were driven out of THEIR LAND.

Interesting indeed it is to see the Jewish people coming into their material Jerusalem, but not so interesting as to absorb attention of the wide awake Christian Scientist to such an extent that it would allow him to become mesmerized into believing in the reality of material history, time, or place.

You can bet that former black slaves intermingled with the Israelites at some point in this epic journey. There is not even a shred of evidence that the black Africans who were stolen from their lands by the Europeans from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries were descendants of Israel.

They were not true Israelites. Before we can trace the people of Israel from the land of their captivity to their present-day homelands, we need to answer this question - "Just what were the ancient Palestinian Israelites like?" Were they Nordics? Whether it is because of IUIC YouTube clips or prominent rappers' public embrace it seems that Hebrew Israelite beliefs are experiencing a renaissance within a cross section of African Americans.

Americans constructed a sense of peoplehood through a prophecy hermeneutic of biblical typology.48 Glaude explains, The American Revolution was viewed by colonists as the culmination of a political Exodus—a rhetoric inherited, in large measure, from colonial New England, Puritans who imagined their migration from the Old World as an exodus to a New Canaan and an errand into the wilderness.”49 Glaude termed this concept of biblical figuralism in which Americans rhetorically have elevated and transformed American history into biblical drama as typological ethnogenesis.”50 This hermeneutical method was laden with the potential for error.

The Latin community” is part of the 12 tribes of Israel,” which is, one nation under Yah.” Stoudemire is an executive producer of Village of Peace”, a documentary about Chicago-based Hebrew Israelites moving to Israel in the 60's. Okay, so If the Egyptians are a dark skinned people and Yoseph was white, would not his brothers recognized him even with Egyptian garb on?

If you live in a major city and haven't met a Hebrew Israelite yet, give it time - you will. If you look up all the facts since the beginning of time between the bible and history books it all prove's that blacks were not Israelites. Adam and Eve were black, as were God and Jesus.

Egypt, in the context of this verse, is probably not referring to the Americas; but illustrates and strengthens the fact that the Egypt Yahweh was going to take the children of Israel to on ships, was another house of bondage. YHWHYahuahTransliteration study on the Name of the MessiahSabbathMessianicNatsarimIsraelYahushuaLewWhiteFossilizedCustomsTorahNazareneIsraelPaganChristianityKipa The Transliteration of the Name What Is the Hebrew Name for JESUS?

I've heard Nigerians get offended if you call them African Americans”, because it implies they have no country or nation within the landmass of Africa. The trade with India would be theirs, the recompense arriving (via the Suez Canal) at Egypt would be theirs, and they would transport Africans (many of whom were large-bodied) across the seas.

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